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Comment Policy

How do you comment on Zuwaj?

We welcome thoughtful and civilized discussions. The Zuwaj editorial team has the right to edit or delete comments as we wish, without explanation.

What should your comment look like?

  1. Use one of your social media accounts in the comment form.
  2. Add smart and relevant ideas that develop on the premise of the article - read the article before you comment.
  3. Release references or funny jokes that bring the conversation forward.
  4. Offer useful and constructive criticism.
  5. Combine the methods above.

Certain comments may not be posted or may be deleted after being posted.

Here are a few examples (incomplete, but you will get an idea) about the types of comments that will ensure your failure to communicate, at least on Zuwaj:

  1. You are not using one of your social media accounts.
  2. There are keywords and / or your business name in the name field on the comment form.
  3. Comments that indicate that you are not reading, watching or listening to content.
  4. Comments that only restate or repeat information from the article and do not continue the conversation.
  5. Personal or professional banter outside the topic.
  6. A threat to us or other visitors.
  7. All forms of defamation.
  8. Racist or obscene niness.
  9. Any copyright infringement, trademark, etc.
  10. Promotion about and / or a link back to your newest product, service or business.
  11. Don't contribute spam.

If you want your comments to appear on Zuwaj, respect our community and think before you post.

The following are additional comment guidelines:

  1. All rights reserved: For any comments, we have the right to edit, delete, move or mark it as spam. We also have the right to block any IP addresses that violate this comment policy because of commenting, subscribing to, or accessing Zuwaj.
  2. Link: If you must include a link in your comment, please note that your comment may not be approved for posting. Patient. The relevant links that contribute to the conversation need to be approved. Real efforts to promote your business, get backlinks, traffic, or other types of independent promotions are not allowed.
  3. Responsibility: By posting a comment, you agree that your contribution is yours and you are responsible for it. You agree to keep Zuwaj, all post authors and other commentators harmless.
  4. Copyright: If we receive an authentic notification that a comment violates anyone's copyright information, the comment will be deleted and the commentator can be blocked from posting comments in the future.
  5. Spam: Don't do it. Any comments that are considered spam will be deleted and marked as spam. If you repeatedly send spam, your IP address may be blacklisted from accessing Zuwaj.
  6. Privacy: You need to log in with your account to post comments on Zuwaj and receive comment subscriptions. We will never publish your personal information on a blog. Therefore, do not share personal information in your comments. We will delete telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or other personal or personal information to protect the affected parties. This is not a place to exchange contact information with other visitors.
  7. Be patient: If you follow this comment policy, your comments must be posted. Please be patient while we moderate our conversation to ensure the best experience for our site visitors.

And that's it, simple isn't it?
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