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Bridal Skin Care Tips You Should Do Before Your Wedding

Bridal Skin Care Tips You Should Do Before Your Wedding — Often we see the bride performing with perfect and seamless makeup without stains on her wedding day. But there are some brides that despite being set up, the face looks not bright and fresh so, it does not radiate its natural beauty.

4 Bridal skin care tips for the brides-to-be

Looking at this, two famous makeup artists subscribed to the celebrity share tips on making the face fresher when getting married. Here are some things you can do to make your face more fresh and beautiful during the wedding day.

1. Compress ice cubes

Marlene Hariman who is a professional bridal dresser says, compressing the face with ice cubes can refresh the face and shrink the pores, so that, the face is not easily oily. This can make the face look more flawless when married.

"The stone is compressed or rotated in the whole face, the lower part of the eye and the breakout area are also compressed. So his acne is defrosting and make-up is more durable,"
He explained when he encountered Zuwaj team some time ago at his residence.

2. Face rubbing

Two weeks before the wedding day, Bubah Alfian, a famous make-up artist, suggested a scrubbing. Scrubbing is the process of cleansing the face by being rubbed into all the face that serves to regenerate the skin, and release the dead skin cells that can cause the face to appear dry and dull. Not only that, rubbing can also remove dirt that clogs pores, so the skin can breathe.

"If the scrubbing can be diligent done a minimum of two weeks, right now many products are sold in the market. But the advice I choose is safe and appropriate with the skin type. If the face of the spotty do not scrub yes, even add the inflamed later,"
Said Bubah when found Tim Zuwaj.

3. Take Facials

Men who have been dressing up Raline Shah, Raisa, Pevita Pearce and Luna Maya also recommend doing a maximum facial two weeks before the wedding day. Why should two weeks before? Bubah explained, after facial conditions are generally subjected to dry skin peeling or swollen. Therefore, you are advised to perform this treatment in advance of the previous day to neutralize the condition. In addition to facials, masks are also a must-do for the bride's candidates.

4. Drink water

Although it has done a series of facial treatments, the result will not be maximized if not balanced by maintaining the condition of the body. Bubah suggests drinking water every day that will keep the moisture content of the face to appear fresher on the day of the wedding. In addition, white water can also keep the body fit.

Those are the 4, things that the prospective bride can do to make her face fresher and beautifuler during the wedding day. Good luck.

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