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Causes of Your Marriage Costs Swell

Causes of Swelling Marriage Costs

Wedding costs do not always spend millions of dollars. Because the essence of marriage actually lies in how the sacred bond is formalized, not the event that has to be made as luxurious as possible. That is, this wedding party is not the main focus of the dream that you and your partner want to wake up together. For that, you have to be more selective so that wedding costs can be further reduced.

How do you adjust the cost of a marriage so it doesn't waste? The answer is that when arranging wedding expenses, the bride and groom must focus more on the important things first. For example the cost of venue, catering, to decoration. These things are the most costly and must be considered so that the wedding remains on budget. But that does not mean you do not need to pay attention to small expenses that seem trivial. Because without realizing it, trivial things can actually make the costs swell if not calculated correctly.

Number of Wedding Invitations

The number of invited guests has a large role in determining the cost of a marriage issued. If you increase the number of invited guests, of course there will be an addition to the catering budget. Also consider that the average of them will not come alone. It could be two, even not infrequently as a family.

Therefore, it does not hurt to cut the number of guests invited by 10 to 20 percent of the target guests. Besides being able to reduce the catering budget, the number of invitations that are not too many will also give a more solemn impression.

Marriage Vendor

Generally, the chosen wedding venue already has a partner vendor, whether it is for wedding clothes, catering, makeup, to decoration. They will make the vendor into one package. However, if you use a vendor outside the partner, you may incur additional costs and even reach 30 percent for each vendor. Big numbers, right?

Wedding Organizer

Other expenses are the use of Wedding Organizer (WO) services. The tariff range can reach US $ 50,858. So that later it is not over budget, you can ask for help from family and close friends to form your own committee like WO. And this also includes challenges for couples who want to get married at a young age.

Hold regular meetings from three months before D-day to arrange all the bridal needs and continuity of the event, from the contract to the reception. Make sure they are also able to commit and not resign until the event is over.

Bridesmaid uniform

On this historic day, you certainly want to invite your closest friends and make them as special guests like the bridesmaid. Generally, bridesmaid will be given a uniform so that their identities are more visible during the event later. But the number of bridesmaid who is more than five will certainly add to the cost of marriage. Because you will not buy just one or two meters of fabric. In addition, they also have to spend more funds to sew the fabric that you provide. To work around this, just give a dresscode in the form of color that your bridesmaid will wear later. The clothes can be anything they have, but with a matching color.

Invitations and Souvenirs for Invitation Guests

Although it looks cheap, invitations in print can also make the cost of marriage to swell, you know! For this reason, prioritize print invitations for special guests, or for guests who have difficulty accessing the internet. The rest, use digital invitations and spread through social media.

In addition to invitations, souvenirs can also make marriage costs more expensive. It's only natural if you want to give the best souvenir at this once-in-a-lifetime moment, but that doesn't mean you can let the cost of marriage get bigger. For that, you do not need to choose expensive souvenirs. Just rely on creative ideas, you can make your own souvenirs with cheaper capital and certainly more memorable.

Those are some things that you should consider to reduce the cost of your wedding to swell, but all decisions remain on your choice. Good luck.

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