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The Best Online Wedding Invitations for Businesses

The Best Online Wedding Invitations for Businesses - There are several ways to create invitations, one of which is to order a wedding invitation online. Online wedding invitations are now starting to appeal to the bride and groom. In addition to making our wedding invitations look more unique and elegant, online invitations also help brides to describe the excitement of the wedding event to invited guests.

Top online wedding invitations for businesses

What is online wedding invitations? Online wedding invitation is an online media that is used to invite friends, close relatives, relatives or family to attend a wedding. This online wedding invitation can be accessed through internet media and environmentally friendly. Learn more about All In One Wedding Invitations.

Did you know, in today's digital era, in addition to invitation in the form of paper (hard copy / print out), there is also a form of Photos, Videos and Websites. This type of invitation is usually called a digital invitation.

Types of Digital Invitations

The following are the types of digital invitations that you need to know about.

Image online wedding invitations

This invitation is designed with a unique appearance and contains important information about an event in the form of a graphic motion picture. This type of invitation is usually suitable for sharing on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The file size is not very large, so that makes it easy to share.

Online video wedding invitations

Digital video invitations can contain more information than photo invitations. With a digital video invitation you can display Images and Audio which are then decorated with attractive and moving ornaments, whether it's a photo slideshow or using funny caricatures.

Online wedding invitation website

Very different from digital invitation pictures and videos. Digital invitation websites can be more perfect than the two above, because you can display images, videos and additional information in this type of invitation.

What are the advantages of digital invitations?

There are many advantages to digital invitations, but we will only mention a few advantages that might represent the others.

The advantages of the first digital invitation is cost-effective

Because digital invitations do not need to be printed, you do not need to pay to buy printed materials. So that digital invitations are more economical in terms of cost and of course you can save on wedding costs, and can use existing funds for other purposes.

The second advantage of digital invitations is saving time

Inviting using a digital invitation does not need to walk out of the house or rent an invitation delivery service that can take hours or even a day. With a digital invitation you only need an internet connection to send it. At that time you send, then at that moment your wedding invitation has reached the prospective guest of your invitation.

The third advantage of digital invitations is that they are more unique

With digital invitations you can display some photos with interesting animations, even can be coupled with a choice of romantic songs to make your wedding invitation more unique and stay polite. When there is an error changing it is very easy. Unlike print invitations or paper invitations, when there are errors in print invitations or paper invitations that have already been printed, then you have to reprint and take time and money of course.

Online wedding invitation business

How, are you interested in making an online wedding invitation? If so, I have provided it for you in PowerPoint (.ppt) file format, the end result of which can be converted into image and video files.

For only $31 you can get 142 PowerPoint (.ppt) invitation templates including 116 written bonuses. And another advantage is, you can open a wedding invitation making services online. Wow, get it right now.

What do you get for a very cheap price? See what you get below.

  1. 10 Wedding Invitation Videos
  2. 13 Event Invitation Video
  3. 60 Banners
  4. 29 Flyers
  5. 13 Wedding Slideshow
  6. 17 Wedding Card Invitation


  1. 6 Website Templates
  2. 10 Character Creator with 40 Poses
  3. 100 Animated Wedding Icons

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